Poodle Health Raw Food Diet, NuVet Vitamins and Vaccinations Nutrition for a long healthy life our top priority. After my father lost his dog to tainted dog food from China in the early 2000’s, we decided to really dig in and research many alternatives to kibble. We decided on feeding a Raw diet based on


Short Background of the red standard poodle   Red Standard Poodles come in many shades, just like humans with red hair. They can vary from the color of new copper to dark auburn or mahogany or a cinnamon. Red poodles can go through many color changes from light to dark or from dark to light.


Pups in their new homes Forever In My Heart Although I am not their owner I cared for them each day I cuddled, hugged and loved them and joined them in their play I saw each new accomplishment and helped them grow and learn and when they came to me for comfort  I kissed them


2016 Puppy Parties Penny Caboose Puppy Party 2015


Ginger/Rojo pups 2010 Ginger/Conan Pups 2011 Ginger/Conan 2012 Penny/Conan 2012 Ginger/Conan 2013   2014 Lola/Caboose Penny/Caboose 2015 Penny/Conan 2016 Lola/caboose 2016 More updates to come!

Is A Poodle Right For You?

Is a Standard Poodle right for you? Standard poodles are poodles over 15″ at the shoulder but in reality, they are usually between 20″ and 25″ at the shoulder and weight between 40 and 60 pounds. They are intelligent, trainable and adaptable. They are very people oriented and have what I like to say is a

Gingerbred Poodle Boys

Check Out Our Studs Rufus Rufus comes to us from Cindy Paul (Cinnfully sweet standards) in California. He is a beautiful deep mahogany red with black nose. He has beautiful structure and has passed all the health testing we have done. His temperament is very laid back and sweet, gets along with other dogs and

Gingerbred Poodle Girls

Our Beautiful Girls We love our girls. They make all this possible. Our girls are first and foremost our pets and part of the family. They live with us in the house and are curled up with us on the couch in the evenings as well as going places with us.  Our girls get top


Our Girl Gingersnap Noel in memorial 11/2007-3/2017   Our girl Ginger started it all. She is the foundation of our line. Ginger is retired now and enjoying bossing around the grand pups. She is very much a people dog. She loves to smile and show off. Ginger does not like to be dirty. She is

Gingerbred Poodle Puppies

Chole’s Cuties, her little puppy beauties Puppies are still available please call  (253) 820 3046 to inquire and fill out a puppy application.  If you are interested in a poodle puppy please contact us via email or by phone.   Email: [email protected]  Phone: 253-581-9553 / 253-820-3047 Puppy Application Contact Us