Is a Standard Poodle right for you?

Standard poodles are poodles over 15″ at the shoulder but in reality, they are usually between 20″ and 25″ at the shoulder and weight between 40 and 60 pounds. They are intelligent, trainable and adaptable. They are very people oriented and have what I like to say is a high EQ. They really read the emotions of the people around them. They are very people oriented and because they have hair they do not shed. They have a wonderful disposition, being good with other pet, kids and people. Standard Poodles are a very strong and hardy breed. They are very tuned into their people and have a sense of humor. If they can make you laugh, they will do it again and again. A standard poodle is no foo foo dog. They were originally bred to hunt water fowl. Many are out there doing this today. They are very smart and if not trained they will train you. They are good at just about anything you ask of them. 


They require grooming on a regular basis. Grooming is a must. It doesn’t have to be a fancy groom though if you like that they do like to look good LOL.  Family pets can have a simple and easy-to-maintain look. Because they don’t shed their coats are more easily tolerated by people with allergies.


A poodle is a thinking dog who learns quickly and does not need a lot of repetition. They pay close attention to their people and want to please.

Poodles like to be with their family. They can get lonely when left alone for long periods of time. They are up for adventure when you are and happy to just chill with you in the evening in front of the TV. 

Poodles are great at learning tricks. Circus dogs are part of their long heritage. When the dog circuses came to town some dogs were taught tricks to entertain the crowd while other were taught to go out into the crowd and pick pockets! Agility, hunting, therapy work, herding, poodles can do it all. There was even a team of poodles that ran the Iditarod. 

A well trained Standard poodle is a delight to be around.


Those who think a Standard poodle is “prissy” have never come to know this wonderful breed, Those who have them know they will never have another breed.