Short Background of the red standard poodle


Red Standard Poodles come in many shades, just like humans with red hair. They can vary from the color of new copper to dark auburn or mahogany or a cinnamon.

Red poodles can go through many color changes from light to dark or from dark to light. Each red coat is individual. The mature color changes can’t be predicted by the color of the puppy, but if both parents come from good red lines then the pup will always be red. 


The history on the Red Standard Poodle you will find on the internet read like this.


It took many years to achieve the quality and conformation that we see in the red standard poodles of today. The concept of developing a red standard poodle was first conceived by Ilse Konig of the Shangri-La Kennel when she returned from Germany in 1980 and admired a red miniature poodle at a dog show.

 With the assistance of the Palamares Kennel in Oregon; together they embarked upon an experimental breeding by mating a small English apricot bitch (provided by Shangri-la) to an oversize red dog at Palamares. [In Europe, it is acceptable to mate separate size classifications as long as the difference is under 10 centimeters.]

The facts are a bit different when I researched it.

The beginning of the red standard poodle, owes much of her beauty, especially her long stunning poodle face, to Janet Blannin who bred “Rusty” AKA Palmares E Pluribus Unum the red male miniature poodle who brought the wonderful RED color to the standards to her apricot female Palmares Peach Beryl. She may have later co bred with Ilse Koing or Shangri-la, But going back in the pedigrees it seems that Janet Blannin was the first. I feel Janet made the greatest impact on the red standard poodles as we know them today. Following are a few kennels that have made a mark on the red standard poodle.

Palmares Kennel. Janet Blannin who was Key in the development of the Red color in the standard poodle size passed away 02-15-16. The Palmares name lives on.

Shangri-la kennel. Ilse Koing passed away in October of 2005.

Majestic kennel. Joan Mistkowski started with Shangri-la reds. She passed away in 2009, her daughter took over the kennel and she too passed away in 2009

Minarets poodles. Ester Underkofler still breeds, shows, and titles her poodles in among other things agility and obedience proving that standards are more than pretty faces.

 Leatherstocking kennel. Barbara and Stratfod Deitch were successful in breeding top show quality standard poodles as well as therapy dogs. I don’t think they are still breeding.

 At this time there are many breeders trying to breed the ever beautiful deep red standard poodles that are conformationally sound enough to show, sweet enough to be therapy dogs, and smart enough to be hunters.

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