Check Out Our Studs

Our boys are members of the family and live with us in the house. We also have some that live with friends in guardian homes as cherished pets. Our boys go through extensive genetic health testing and get regular checkup. They are fed a quality diet of Raw and Fromm Kibble as well as NuVet vitamins. Besides our in-house boys we use boys from other trusted breeders. This way we maintain Genetic diversity. We work with other Red breeders who also do health testing and have the same high standards we do.

Profile shot of stud dog Rufus standing on green grass he is resting his head on the hand of someone standing behind him


Rufus comes to us from Cindy Paul (Cinnfully sweet standards) in California. He is a beautiful deep mahogany red with black nose. He has beautiful structure and has passed all the health testing we have done. His temperament is very laid back and sweet, gets along with other dogs and pets. His favorite place is on the couch with his head in our lap. We just love this boy.


Baron lives with my good friend Amy. He is her pet and our stud dog. He has champion lines on both sides and has beautiful conformation as well as wonderful temperament. He is a sweet silly, loveable boy who loves going places with his person Amy. He is good with kids, dogs and other pets. 


Our boy Murry is so smart and has a terrific temperament as well as having beautiful structure. He is a grandson to our foundation boy Conan and has both Gingerbred and Minaret lines. He is awesome with kids and other pets as well as liking to play with the puppies like his grandsire used to do. We just love this guy